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From day one, TailorMade was designed as a boutique practice with a unique array of wealth management services for individuals, families, family offices and other advisors. At the same time, we have deep roots and traditional values recognizing that in today’s changing world, we must always question the well- established conventions. What may have worked yesterday, may not represent tomorrow’s solution.

As noted below, our guiding principles serve as the TailorMade standard – channeling our traditional roots with a maintained discipline all in pursuit of a common goal.

It is time to expect more from ‘Wealth Management’.

Our Guiding Principles

Representing the TailorMade Standard . . .

TailorMade delivers complex planning solutions and advisory services with trustworthiness and passion. We have a non-negotiable responsibility to our clients to be the best at what we do, and embrace that responsibility by adhering to our seven guiding principles.  These principles serve as our benchmark allowing us to turn our expertise and experience into true value for our clients and partners.

Guiding Principle #1

We look at the big picture . . .

No two clients are quite the same. Although many clients have similar needs, each define their needs somewhat differently. Knowing that the wealth management industry has traditionally focused on the investment of liquid assets, our approach goes far beyond just liquid asset management.

The most important thing we do is to create “tailor-made” roadmaps for our clients – each unique, but all fundamentally based on a clients’ long-term goals. Our three questions serve as our guide for every decision: (1) who you are, (2) what do you care about, and (3) what do you want to accomplish.

Guiding Principle #2

We keep an open mind when planning . . .

Today’s world is far more complicated and volatile than years ago. Things change, people change, and tax laws always change. We fundamentally reject irrevocable planning based solely on events that may or may not happen decades in the future. A true plan will always balance today and tomorrow.

Guiding Principle #3

We believe in being patient, but flexible . . .

“Patient but flexible” means keeping your money on a steady path without overreacting to short-term fluctuations and maintaining the ability to deviate when appropriate opportunities arise.

Guiding Principle #4

We know where we fit and where we do not . . .

We maintain a focused and multidisciplinary team approach to serve a particular marketplace and type of clientele without distraction. As such, we may not be the right fit for all clients.

Guiding Principle #5

We prefer to take our time . . .

Our disciplined process is meant to check and recheck every step to minimize mistakes and ensure that every decision stays true to your long-term goals.

Guiding Principle #6

We reduce the noise . . .

By working with your existing advisors, evaluating your existing plan to identify areas to improve efficiency and simplify your financial life ensuring that “your” plan meets “your” objectives. Often, a few simple changes can make a big difference.

Guiding Principle #7

We believe in listening first . . .

We all learn by listening. Still, many advisors are better at dictating the services and products they offer instead of understanding what you want first. Listening and asking insightful questions represents a fundamental process that is critical to providing individualized solutions to address not just what client’s want, but also what they need.

Today, the collective wisdom of our relationships continues to define our beliefs and approach for our clients and partners.


The primary difference between TailorMade and other wealth advisors is our people.

TailorMade’s leadership team has unparalleled experience in providing solutions to the financial elite, their families, their business and other advisors. Client relationships represent the foundation of our practice, and we hope to earn your trust and the role as your wealth manager for years and generations to come.

With more than 50 years of success and development in the financial services industry, we are dedicated to providing our clients and partners with a wide range of services. Our talented team, experience and expertise specializes in creating ‘tailor-made’ financial solutions that fit today.

“In order to run a successful organization, whether it is an empire, business or family, it takes a team working together for a collective goal.
 Planning for the financial elite is definitely a team sport.  –TMF”

Daniel A. RoeskePresident & CEO, TailorMade
Dan began his professional career in 1996 with CIGNA Financial Advisors.

In 2003, Dan became a founding partner of LifeSource, LLC along with several of his peers. LifeSource, LLC provided Point of Sale advanced markets and life insurance distribution services for UBS, Raymond James, Wachovia Securities, AG Edwards, and LPL. With a focus on High Net Worth planning, Dan played a key role in offering expert advice and counsel on Estate, Business, Tax and Asset Preservation Planning directly to the end client and their advisors.

After multiple years as the top producer in each organization, in 2008, Dan founded his own boutique practice leaving the large corporate bureaucracy behind. TailorMade was founded with a singular goal – provide a select group of clients and advisors across the country with a level of sophisticated wealth management and financial planning that is second to none.

Dan resides in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife, Paula and four children, son Kyle and his triplet siblings Madison, Bradley and Kaley.

Keith D. Huberman, CFP®COO & Director of Planning, TailorMade
Keith began working in the financial services industry in 1989. As a former member of both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Keith worked as an option specialist and market maker for Spear Leeds & Kellogg. After leaving the daily trading grind, Keith moved to California and began working within the securities litigation arena providing forensic accounting, analysis and expert testimony for law firms around the country. Keith still maintains a close tie to the securities litigation/arbitration world and has been engaged as an expert witness on insurance related arbitrations/court cases.

In 1998, Keith transitioned back to financial services. Keith was a founding member of LifeSource, LLC which provided advanced planning services to national wirehouses, independent and regional broker-dealers. In 2009, Keith partnered back up with Dan at TailorMade to begin the mission in providing unmatched planning when it comes to Estate, Tax, Business and Asset Preservation planning to elite financial advisors and their clients.

Keith attended the University of Florida and the State University of New York. Keith went on to earn his Chartered Life Underwriters degree from the American College and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Keith currently resides in Matthews, North Carolina with his wife Jennifer and two children, twins, Max and Madison.

CFP® | Certified Financial Planner™ | sm_flamedesign_bk 
Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., owns the certification marks above, which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements.

Robert O. WareingManaging Director, TailorMade
Robert Wareing, better known as “Rooter”, graduated from Texas A&M University ’95. His financial career began in 1997 with Legg Mason in Houston, Texas, with a focus on comprehensive wealth management. As the financial services industry evolved, so too Rooter’s approach, with multi-generational wealth management at the forefront; developing legacy planning; tax mitigation and wealth transfer; and communication within the family dynamic.

Rooter has a diverse array of clients across the country ranging from professional athletes and corporate executives, to actors, actresses and directors. His primary focus is advising successful business owners transitioning to financial freedom through strategic or financial liquidity events. With over 25 years of experience, Rooter incorporates the philosophical approach “our clients are successful, best in class industry leaders who have already taken the risk of creating a successful business. Asset protection, tax efficiency and legacy are of paramount importance now, not risk.”

Rooter, along with Dan and Keith have developed a boutique, family office environment to fulfill the needs of successful families seeking security, continuity and generational legacy.

Rooter has been married to his wife Ginny for over 25 years and proud father of three amazing children.

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