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It is time to expect more from “wealth management” and it all starts today.

TailorMade Wealth Counsel is a dedicated partner with our clients. Our expertise is focused at the intersection of estate, business, tax and creditor protection planning through the process of understanding, building and sustaining wealth for select clients.  We deliver our services to individuals, multi-generational families, business owners and even other Advisors.

Achieving wealth and staying wealthy require distinct characteristics. Individuals, families and even businesses become wealthy for a variety of reasons, yet they often make the mistake of thinking they can win the wealth management game alone. Fortunes are lost annually by uninformed direct investments and poor choices made by “experts” in the legal, operations, accounting, investment and insurance domains. In many cases, there are no “do-overs” which is why the right partner not only makes sense, but it is also critical in achieving one’s goals.

Wealth management requires expertise and specialization across a broad range of disciplines. Often it starts with investment management and migrates to addressing other client needs like business planning, estate and legacy issues, to tax planning, to creditor protection, to insurance, to philanthropy, etc. True wealth management is a commitment to the broader client picture from the start. À la carte services from a generic menu rarely represents a long-term solution.

By design, our disciplined process gives us the ability to reach into topics that traditional financial advisors leave behind. TailorMade’s role is to take complex situations and balance them with three fundamental questions: (1) Who you are? (2) What you care about? and (3) What do you want to accomplish? After an intimate understanding of these answers, the solutions that fit present themselves. Only then can there be symmetry between taxes, net returns, family dynamics, charitable and legacy planning that works for both today and tomorrow.

In the end, for us, it is about balancing all of what you have, how you own it with the emotional, financial, legal and tax aspects of wealth that matters most. As a privately owned independent wealth management practice, we maintain the flexibility and focus to provide unbiased advice while delivering world class service.


Planning should never start with “what you have” rather, it should start with  “who you are”, “what do you care about” and  “what do you want to accomplish.”

The Nine Elements of
Wealth Management

“Numbers only represent one element of a comprehensive plan.”

There are literally thousands of advisors to choose from. It is important to understand what true wealth management encompasses. Often, relationships start with the tip of the iceberg . . . investment advisory services followed by a transition to financial and retirement/goal planning advice.

However, the management of liquid assets represents one element in managing wealth.

Reviewing, confirming and testing what your legal documents say and will do represents a foundation that cannot be ignored. Similarly, identifying how taxes, liabilities, ownership, risks, lifestyles, and all other assets classes including business interests impact your and your family are equally important elements to consider when managing wealth.

Lastly, understanding your unique family dynamics, social impact and philanthropic roles are essential in developing flexible Wealth Management plans that address today and tomorrow’s goal for you and your family.

One conversation changes everything . . . let’s talk about it today!

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